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Effects of Energy Drinks Endanger Your Health

The popularity of energy drinks in America continues to increase, despite the health risks associated with drinking them. In 2013, the energy drink market was worth $39 million, and it is expected to reach $61 million by the year 2021. Although Americans may be...

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A Family Tradition Kids Will Love

With only five days until Christmas, folks are scurrying around making those last minute gift purchases, wrapping presents that have somehow remained hidden from prying eyes, putting the finishing touches on holiday meal planning, and giving the house a last-minute...

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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain with Up-front Planning

The holiday season is upon us.  Those social gatherings and seemingly never-ending family and office festivities—all of which present a multitude of opportunities to indulge in calorically dense and nutritionally sparse foods—are the norm rather than the exception....

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Community Logs 107,000 Miles Walking Across Tennessee

The Walk Across Tennessee competition was a virtual, micro-fitness challenge issued by Healthy Kingsport aimed at inspiring individuals to get moving in order to increase their physical activity minutes.The competition ran from August 1 – September 30, bringing 424...

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Being Grateful is Good for Your Health

Thanksgiving Day has arrived.  In the midst of the busyness surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday, it is important to remember to carve out time for expressing gratitude.  Practicing gratitude doesn’t cost any money, and it certainly doesn’t take much time, but the...

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The Great American Smokeout Encourages Smoke-Free Living

November 15thmarks the date for the Great American Smokeout—an intervention event held by the American Cancer Society for the past 40 years. This event challenges people to commit to a smoke-free life by giving up smoking and tobacco products, or using the day to...

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Is Good Health Worth an Extra $1.50 Per Day?

Time magazine’s Alexandra Sifferlin published an article, entitled, “Eating Healthy Is Cheaper than You Think.”  In the article, Sifferlin compares the cost of an unhealthy diet to a healthy diet.  In order to make the comparison, Sifferlin cites a study conducted by...

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Rebekah Spary Takes Control of her Health and Wellness Journey

Rebekah Spary’s first inspiration to change her lifestyle began when she realized she was having knee and ankle pain when she would stand for long periods of time. At first, she thought she simply needed new shoes, but when that did not help, she realized it was her...

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