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Is Good Health Worth an Extra $1.50 Per Day?

Time magazine’s Alexandra Sifferlin published an article, entitled, “Eating Healthy Is Cheaper than You Think.”  In the article, Sifferlin compares the cost of an unhealthy diet to a healthy diet.  In order to make the comparison, Sifferlin cites a study conducted by...

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Rebekah Spary Takes Control of her Health and Wellness Journey

Rebekah Spary’s first inspiration to change her lifestyle began when she realized she was having knee and ankle pain when she would stand for long periods of time. At first, she thought she simply needed new shoes, but when that did not help, she realized it was her...

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We did it! Kingsport is first 2 Million Mile City in America

Healthy Kingsport recently held its 4thannual Walk for Wellness Expo where approximately 2,500 people helped Kingsport celebrate its achievement of rallying the region to not only meet, but exceed two million miles of physical activity in less than a year’s time. ...

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